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Am I the right person for the job?

Whether it is to supervise your M.A. project or collaborate on a project, here are a few guidelines on how I work best with people. You will find my preferred way to communicate and what to avoid when communicating with me! Ready?


You want me as your collaborator / advisor if…

  • You love a goal-oriented, focused conversation.
  • You provide assurances about input and decisions.
  • You offer input on how to make the ideas become reality.
  • You are accurate and realistic and do not over-inflate ideas or outcomes.
  • You make an organized appeal for support and contributions.
  • You remember to provide specific action steps and details for all involved.
  • You follow through and do what you say you will do.


You don’t want me as your collaborator /advisor if…

  • You tend to complain about all the work you have to do.
  • You tend to rush into the agenda; let’s break the ice/warm up first!
  • You tend to be vague about what is expected.
  • You tend to be impersonal or jump to conclusions.
  • You tend to be vague or ambiguous.
  • You tend to be disorganized.


Hope this helps, and don’t hesitate to contact me for more questions or clarifications!