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You will find plenty of useful information and advice about your studies in French and a student in my classes. I love teaching my undergraduate classes and I compiled this helpful page to help you navigate your classes in French and find some advice about what to do next with your French!

Happy navigation, and let me know what else you’d like to see on here!

Writing Ressources

Le conjugueur, a great resource to conjugate all of your French verbs right;

Bon Patron, a great site to figure out if your sentence is grammatically correct;

Wordreference.com as a great online dictionary, make sure to look at the forums on there too;

Read, Watch, Listen in French


Bibliothèque des Amériques, a great resource to borrow e-books written in French for FREE! You only need to register.


Netflix:  Lupin, Plan CoeurEngrenagesLa ManteLe Bazar de la Charité, Dix pour Cent, Family Business, La Trêve, La Révolution, Nailed It: France, Chef’s Table: France, Osmosis.

Amazon Prime: A French Village, Les aventures de Tintin, Le Bureau des Légendes, Baron Noir,


Beginner Students: Daily French Pod and Coffee Break French

For more advanced students: L’heure du crime (if you like true crime podcasts); France Culture (any of their pods, but the 20 minutes newsflash is a great way to catch up!); Frank Ferrand raconte (one of my favorite for history!); La Poudre (a feminist podcast) & Les savantes both with Lauren Bastide.

NCSU Resources


Our French Teaching Assistants are doing some tutoring for free. Refer to your syllabus or send me an email about the latest information regarding tutoring.


They meet every other Wednesday Face to Face or virtually at 5pm. Make sure to join them and join their Instagram page.


Join our exclusive French Honor Society, Pi Delta Phi and access a wonderful international French Network. This opportunity allows you to: Boost and Build your Resume, Join an International Network of French and Francophone Speakers; Apply to Member-Exclusive Scholarships to Study in a Francophone Country, Certificate and Induction Ceremony each Spring; Cords for Graduation Available! Learn more about Pi Delta Phi here.  You must have a 3.0GPA in French and overall. Email me for more information or fill out this form and send it to me via email. 

Study Abroad: NCSU in Lille

We have a vibrant Study abroad in Lille and Paris in the summers (May and June). While the study abroad will not happen in 2021, it will most certainly resume in 2022.

You can and should check out the 2019 study abroad experience via our blog. It will give you amazing insights to what the studying abroad in Lille and Paris is like!

Learn more about the study abroad here.

Other Opportunities


Every year the French faculty awards the following scholarships and awards: Outstanding French Major and Outstanding French Minor.


Have you ever written a paper you were proud of? Consider the American Journal of French Studies’s Concours d’écriture and Women in French’s Undergraduate Essay Award to publish your work and win a cash prize!


Are there programs in France I can apply to?

Our students have been successful in applying to these programs:

How can you practice your French over the summer?

There are many good programs for summer immersion, but here are two great ones:

Former students did one or the other and were extremely pleased with the outcomes!

Do you supervise undergraduate research?

Sometimes and mainly with students I have already worked with in the past or students whose interests are closely aligned with mine. Click here to learn more about my area of research expertise.

What playlist do you use in your class?

I love to play some good music before the beginning of class to put us all in a French ambiance! You can find my YouTube French playlist here! I also like Spotify’s France Viral 50 playlist!