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Contemplating an Independent Study?

This post is for students who are seeking to do an independent study with me.

First and foremost, I am so glad that you are considering working with me! I look forward to seeing where your project goes! Before I can commit to lead your independent study, read about my current research interests and see how they could serve you during an independent study. Furthermore, I am only available to supervise one independent study either in the fall semester or the summer.

As a junior faculty member, I am often juggling many different tasks and for me to insure that I am doing a good job on your project, I want to make sure interests align.

Past independent studies I have already created from which you could pick:

  • Veil in France: Theory, Literature and Culture;
  • Transnational Feminisms in French;
  • Gender and Banlieue in Contemporary France;
  • The portrayal of the Relationship between France and Algeria in Literature, History and Art.

That being said, at the moment I am currently unable to supervise independent studies that are outside of these topics. If you think your topic somewhat fits in the list but isn’t listed, shoot me an email and let’s discuss further!

Looking forward to working together! 🙂

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