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Are there programs in France I can apply to?

Our students have been successful in applying to these programs:

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How can you practice your French over the summer?

There are many good programs for summer immersion, but here are two great ones:

Former students did one or the other and were extremely pleased with the outcomes!



Do you supervise undergraduate research?

Sometimes and mainly with students I have already worked with in the past or students whose interests are closely aligned with mine. Click here to learn more about my area of research expertise.

Which resources do I recommend to use while you are taking my French class?

Le conjugueur, a great ressource to conjugate all of your French verbs right! Bon Patron, a great site to figure out if your sentence is grammatically correct and Wordreference.com as a great online dictionary, make sure to look at the forums on there too!

What podcasts do I recommend to learn French?

Daily French Pod, Coffee Break French for beginner students. For more advanced students, L’heure du crime (if you like true crime podcasts), France Culture (any of their pods, but the 20 minutes newsflash is a great way to catch up!), Frank Ferrand raconte (one of my favorite for history!), La Poudre (a feminist podcast), Les savantes with Lauren Bastide.

What shows do you recommend to practice French or hear French?

I am a fan of Plan Coeur, Engrenages, La Mante, Le Bazar de la Charité all are on Netflix, A French Village on Amazon Prime.


What playlist do you use in your class?

I love to play some good music before the beginning of class to put us all in a French ambiance! You can find my YouTube French playlist here! I also like Spotify’s France Viral 50 playlist!