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Are there programs in France I can apply to?

Our students have been successful in applying to these programs:

What are publishing avenues post-M.A.?

For a first time publication, The French Review is a really great avenue. You will learn a lot through their peer-review process. Depending on your focus, you may want to consider: The WIF Graduate Essay award which leads to a publication, Contemporary French Civilization and Contemporary French and Francophone Studies.

Do I publish with graduate students?

I can work on publishing a scholarly article, and co-author it with you. I also like to publish either teaching/pedagogical pieces or artist/author interviews with my grad students. Ask me about potential co-publications!

Are there grants I can apply to as a French M.A. student?

Short answer: YES! Here are a few for French students in particular:

Not a fellowship, but an award if you’re working on gender issues:

What types of conferences do I recommend as an M.A. student?

We are lucky in the triangle to have many opportunities to present your work. In our department: take advantage of the Brown Bag Talks! On campus: the Gender and Equity Research Symposium, the Graduate Student Research Symposium. In the triangle, check out the Carolina Conference for Romance Studies biennially.

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How can you practice your French over the summer?

There are many good programs for summer immersion, but here are two great ones:

Former students did one or the other and were extremely pleased with the outcomes!


What kinds of projects do I supervise?

I supervise projects that are in line with my research interests, which you can find here. In the past, I supervised projects entitled “Empowering Women through Self-Sex Education: A Literary Analysis of French Graphic Novels” and “Regard Personnel de Mabanckou sur la Françafrique et Projet d’Indépendance des États Francophone d’Afrique Subsaharienne dans Lumières de Pointe-Noire et Petit Piment d’Alain Mabanckou”

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