What resources do you recommend for M.A. students?

Many! I will have a blog post on this soon. For now, when I spent enough time in front of the screen but still want to be immerse in research, I like to relax and listen to New Books Network. I particularly adore the following series: French Studies, Gender Studies and African Studies! Give it a listen, it’s a great way to fuel the fire in you and get inspired!

What kinds of M.A. projects do you supervise?

I like to supervise two types of projects. The first one as a “traditional” thesis options, such as a long research paper with an original argument. The second one as a translation in the field of Francophonie, or a digital mapping project, or a teaching portfolio. For students at NCSU, please review the kinds of projects that qualify as your culminating master’s project.

How many students can you chair per year?

I usually like to chair one to two M.A. student’s per cohort.

Are you available to do independent studies?

Unfortunately, I am not currently accepting Independent Studies. But check this article on the blog to find out if I can give you a reading list to get you started!

Are you currently available to be part of a M.A. or PhD dissertation committee?

Yes, but it will depend on your area of research. Email me using the contact form so I can get more information.